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Netco Engineering Solutions

We are now an end-to-end IT solutions provider, with a focus on giving clients unparalleled operational efficiency, giving them the competitive edge required in the progressive market.
Netco Engineering Solutions is providing an alternative, sustainable power source for residential, commercial and government clients and offering outstanding service using high quality products delivered at competitive prices.
We provide full proof security system for residential, commercial and government clients. We have variety of CCTV cameras Night vision IR and simple cameras. With a reasonable price we provide all sorts of security equipments especially for School and colleges.
For VVIP Places and offices having confidential documents we provide spider net like full proof security by using network of IR sensors with SMS alert. No one in Pakistan is providing such security. We are the pioneer in spider net like security.
We encourage our customer to contact us and discuss problems regarding energy or security, our experienced and registered engineers will solve problem in technical way.

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